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Newton said, "There is absolutely nothing in the world that is stationary." Everything is constantly changing and in motion. We can capture the clear stillness of things with a very short exposure of the camera shutter, but that is only a very short moment when things are in motion. Human eyes do not have a shutter device. Human eyes have been exposed for several decades after birth. The screens we are watching every hour are actually dull videos. However, the brain can see each relatively clear image through analysis and processing. How is the world moving with the rich life of this dotted plane? I tried to capture this scene by experiment and shooting.

1. Experiment of capture eternal images

I experimented with several plant and organism representatives. Put them in water, warm the water, and use the boiling water to make it move irregularly. The short exposure of the camera captures the "instant image" of the moment of the movement of the living being, and the long exposure of the eye simulates the long exposure of the eye to capture the "normal image" of the movement of the living being.

Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 17.07.20.png
Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 17.07.27.png
Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 17.07.24.png

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