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  Take A Nap

   Timer application design

    "Just right visual and operational feeling"

TAKE A NAP is an app that helps people take a nap. This is different from the complicated operation of the traditional smartphone alarm app, which requires many steps to set an alarm. The operation of this app is very convenient, after opening the app, rotate the turntable directly to set the time, and the user simply rotates the turntable at the time he wants to take a break to stop the rotation, and the alarm clock Complete the setting of. The two buttons below the turntable set the mode to alert the user. Floating below the entire interface is a pull-out option area that allows the user to make some basic settings to meet different demands, such as ringing music and wake-up methods. By simplifying the operation logic, the user's usage efficiency can be improved, the interface is simple but very detailed, and the user can be emotionally sympathized.

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       (Download for free on Google Play)

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