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Daiso is Japan's most famous 100-yen store, with more than 2,500 branches nationwide. There are many types of products, and all products cost 100 yen. Many unique products can be found in the shops, which are practical and interesting. However, daiso's own advertising does not convey the characteristics of the product to the public well, the amount of advertising information in the store is large, the colors are complicated and inconsistent, and the visual sense of the characters is confused. When the practicality and low-priced brand characteristics were already known to the public, we started an experimental design of how to update to daiso ads.


"Avoid the feeling of low prices and discover the beauty"


For consumers, daiso's products can satisfy the needs of consumers in terms of type and practicality, but as a 100-yen product, it makes us feel inevitably cheap in terms of design and materials. How to effectively avoid the low price of a product in an advertisement, dig up the beauty and fun of a cheap product, and become the purpose of this experimental design. Therefore, I tried a communication expression with "out focus" as the keyword. It leaves the most distinctive and aesthetic part of the product, and the other parts are blurred. In this way, it can create a visual mysterious atmosphere, attract the viewer's curiosity, and guide the viewer's visual focus well. Even in the placement of catchphrases, abandoning many ways of explaining the functionality of the product in existing advertisements, using metaphorical techniques, indirectly describe the characteristics of the product and imagine the ambiguity of words. Can stir up. When the viewer is looking at the advertisement, the low price of the 100 yen product disappears, and instead there is a mysterious feeling of the image, and at first glance you may not understand the contents of the screen, but the 100 yen product is also mysterious I think that I can feel the target, beautiful and interesting.

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